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For Crowns & Bridges, Milwaukee Heads to Forest Home Dental Associates

At Forest Home Dental Associates, we understand the importance of a beautiful smile. That is why Dr. Schmidt and his team are committed to providing the high quality crowns & bridges Milwaukee-area patients deserve.

If you have teeth that are damaged, discolored, or even missing, there are solutions available to fix the problem and get you smiling again. By using porcelain crowns and bridges, Dr. Schmidt can repair the damage done to your teeth and restore the natural beauty of your smile.

Crowns to Repair Cracked or Damaged Teeth
A crown is a small porcelain cap that is fitted onto a damaged tooth. The crown both protects the tooth from further damage and improves its appearance. The color of the crown is chosen to match that of the other teeth, creating a more natural look. Dr. Schmidt fixes crowns into place to provide a permanent solution to teeth that are cracked, discolored, or chipped, or to disguise large, unsightly fillings.

Bridges to Replace Missing Teeth
Many adults are missing one of more of their teeth as a result of an accident or tooth decay. Porcelain bridges permanently replace missing teeth so that there are no gaps from missing teeth. Crowns are fitted onto the teeth on either side of the gap, and a natural-looking false tooth is then fixed into place between them. The crowns support the false tooth to keep it firmly fixed in place for many years.

Crowns & Bridges: Prices
While prices for crowns & bridges in Milwaukee will vary based on provider and insurance plan, crowns and bridges fitted at Forest Home Dental Associates are covered by many insurance plans. Check with your insurance provider to find out whether you are covered for this type of treatment at Forest Home Dental Associates.

Crowns & Bridges: Treatment
For affordable crowns & bridges, Milwaukee-area patients should contact Forest Home Dental Associates. His work with crowns and bridges can dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth, making it possible for you to smile with confidence once again.

To book an appointment with Dr. Schmidt, contact Milwaukee Dentist Office, Forest Home Dental Associates (414) 543-5440. Call today and take your first step towards restoring your beautiful smile!

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